Back from China 2014 …

Just returned from speaking at the Worlds 1st High-Tech Acupuncture Conference in Nanjing, China.

A really interesting gathering, that presented and discussed many future possibilities within Acupuncture.
Delegates arrived from all round the globe and many new contacts and friends were made – especially in the form of Jean-Pierre and Rubin Fossion from Belgium and Mexico respectively, Dr Dorothea Zeise-Suss from Germany and Prof Kyu Hyun Park from Korea.

I gave a lecture on the use of thermography to prove the efficacy of Class 3B Laser Acupuncture when applied to specific points, showing the maintained circulatory difference pre and post application – using both human and animal examples.
The lecture will be followed by an article in the Journal of Integrative Medicine.

– watch this space for more ‘integrative’ news !!

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