Frequently Asked Questions

Do the animals feel anything?

Generally animals are aware that something is happening to them and by watching you may notice they turn their ear/head towards you, or they may lean into the treatment.
Just occasionally a hyper-sensitive animal may react as if they were being tickled by a fly, in which case their skin might ‘creep’ or their tail swish, but as a general rule they find it a pleasant and relaxing experience.


How long do treatment sessions last?

For an animal treatment allow 45 minutes to 1 hour – however some animalsCats eyes respond quicker than others.


How many treatments does it take?

Frequency of treatment largely depends on the condition being treated.
As a general rule acute conditions would be treated more often, say once or twice a week; whilst chronic conditions may initially be treated weekly, with the interval time gradually being extended to reflect the easing of symptoms.

In all cases the objective is to gradually lengthen the period between treatments.
This is always assessed on an individual basis in accordance with age, state of health, the condition being treated and general response to treatment.


A lurcher puppyHow do animals react to Laser Treatment?

On the whole animals respond very quickly and positively.
During treatment they may be seen to chew, lick, sigh, yawn or stretch – all good signs.
After treatment they may appear much calmer and ‘chilled’ – dogs in particular often have a deep sleep post treatment
Occasionally their symptoms may appear to temporarily worsen, however this situation generally settles with 24 hours.